Family Planning

Family Planning

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Through Harvard Street’s Family Planning Program, which collaborates with ABCD and Upstream, this educational and clinical initiative provides Harvard Street patients with expanded and timely options for contraception. Harvard Street is the first community health center in Boston to partner with Upstream USA, a national non-profit dedicated to reducing unplanned pregnancy by expanding equitable access to the full range of contraceptive options. In a recent survey, more than half of women said that contraceptive use is key to pursuing education, achieving career goals and caring for their families.  

Harvard Center for Primary Care: Team-based Care This unique partnership with the Harvard University Center for Primary Care has enabled Harvard Street to improve patient experiences and outcomes in significant areas via the following initiatives: 

  • “Enhancing Patient Experience” created the opportunity to meet with frontline staff to assess how patients were experiencing care and develop measures to improve that experience through a team-based approach.
  • “Diabetic Care” looks at the issues faced by the diabetic population where more than 30 percent of diabetics don’t have their condition under control. The program creates a teambased case management approach to care with nutrition, clinical pharmacology and behavioral health managers and staff working together.  

Additional current and planned collaborative initiatives include working with the Massachusetts League of Community Health Centers and Boston Scientific to bring a team-based approach to hypertension treatment and cancer screening. 

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