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Weight Loss and Intermittent Fasting 

You may have heard about Intermittent Fasting, a newish diet trend. But what is Intermittent Fasting? According to the John Hopkins School of Medicine, intermittent fasting is “is an eating plan that switches between fasting and eating on a regular schedule”. There are three popular trends in intermittent fasting

  1. “alternate-day fasting; 
  1. 5-2 fasting;  
  1. Daily time-restricted fasting.” 

But will it work for you? Intermittent fasting may work for you, if you want a change from low-carb, Paleo, and similar diets

Proponents of intermittent fasting say that it is as effective as counting calories. Some researchers have found some benefits to intermittent fasting. However, this diet can have disagreeable side effects.  Researchers have not found an association between intermittent fasting and weight loss.  

Diets are not one-size fits all. So, find the one that works best for you.