First Name: Olumide

“In coming to Harvard Street, my vision is to work at those critical intersections of strategy and technology, with the goal of improving patient outcomes and increasing productivity in our operations.”

Olumide has worked at the intersection of Public Health, Strategy, and Technology for 15+ years as a consultant and entrepreneur.  Prior to starting his own firm, Olumide was Director of IT at the Boston Public Health Commission (BPHC). While at BPHC he was the Chief Architect on the Boston Public Health Commission’s first Syndromic (disease) Surveillance application developed in conjunction with the CDC.  

Used to detect potential outbreaks, Olumide considered this project to be one of his proudest accomplishments, because of the complexities involved and that the team moved from vision to production in less than 6 months.

He has managed the entire strategic life cycle from envisioning and exploration to implementation, using an Agile Project Management approach.  He has worked on projects with budgets ranging from thousands to millions of dollars and has scaled processes from small and large projects.

Olumide recently received his Graduate Certificate in Strategy and Management from Harvard University where he is also a candidate for a Master of Liberal Arts in the Field of Management.

Job Title:

Director of I.T.

Member of:

Leadership Team

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