Lin, MD

lin, MD, MS

First Name: Alice
“I really appreciate the opportunity Harvard Street is giving me to take on the role of interim Medical Director.  I will do my best to continue the high-quality care Harvard Street is providing to the community during this period.  In addition, I would like to expand patients’ access to specialties at Harvard Street and to promote Harvard Street as a one stop shop where we take care of the entire family, from pregnancy to infancy, childhood, teenage years, adulthood, and geriatrics. Working at Harvard Street has been a great experience and the staff and patients are unparalleled.”

Born and raised in Taiwan until the age of 13, when her family immigrated from Canada, Dr. Alice Lin came to the United States initially for college and stayed to pursue a career in medicine.  She found that working for underserved populations was very fulfilling during her Family Medicine residency at the University of Connecticut and sought out positions at community health centers after graduation.  

She received a degree in medicine from Penn State University College of Medicine and received a Master of Science and Bachelor’s degree – both in Cellular-Molecular Biology from Johns Hopkins University.  While at Harvard Street, Dr. Lin has led two initiatives that she is very proud of: One was with the Massachusetts League of Community Health Centers to increase colon cancer screening.  We were able to increase the colon cancer screening rate at Harvard Street from 42% to 60% from 2017 to 2018.  The second one is still ongoing and that is the collaboration with Upstream USA to reduce unplanned pregnancy by increasing access to full range of contraceptive options.

Prior to joining Harvard Street in 2017, she worked at Lowell Community Health Center.  She has been married for seven years and has a two-year-old daughter.  

Job Title:

Interim Medical Director

Member of:

Leadership Team

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