Open House Healthy Living

Mayor Walsh offers opening remarks at the Harvard Street Neighborhood Health Center's Open House on Healthy Living in Dorchester. A panel of doctors, lawyers, and nutritionists fielded

A doctor battles health inequality

Ebonie Woolcock, a Harvard Medical School instructor in obstetrics, gynecology, and reproductive biology, works today not far from where she grew up in Boston’s Dorchester neighborhood. A physician at the Bowdoin Street Health Center, Woolcock is fighting a personal battle to close the health gaps that result in America’s poor and minority communities getting less access to care, poorer quality of it, and, ultimately, worse health.

Trauma Team Added in Grove Hall

Monica Valdes Lupi and Mark Scott of the Boston Public Health Commission talk about the city's newest trauma team, for Grove Hall, in partnership with Project R.I.G.H.T., Inc. and the Harvard Street Neighborhood Health Center.

Urban Update - Harvard Street Neighborhood Health Center - 06-03-18

Stan Mclaren joins Urban Update. Hosted by Byron Barnett.