The community we serve has been disproportionally affected by Covid-19 in a multitude of ways. At the beginning of the summer, HSNHC recognized the importance of getting our community tested for Covid-19. In July, a mobilized team was formed to administer tests in the city at various locations. We collaborated with Children's Services of Roxbury for a Direct Relief grant and established Testing Tuesdays at their Dudley Street and other locations. We also partner with local organizations including Prince Hall Grand Lodge every Thursday, Dana-Farber Cancer Institute & area churches, Franklin Park Zoo, and local schools to achieve this goal and expand our testing. HSNHC’s Covid Mobile Testing Team travels weekly throughout the community giving everyone an opportunity to have a Covid-19 test. Since the creation of this team, HSNHC has tested thousands of patients, while providing a safe and socially distanced testing environment - Ensuring that we are doing our part to keep our community and its residents safe. One client who recently received a COVID test stated in a note to the health center: “My husband and I had a test at Morning Star Baptist Church. We had a great experience and found the Harvard Street process very efficient,” said Margaret Reid, RN, MPA. "We were thrilled that we got our results fast. Thank you, Harvard Street, for working with Morning Star to make testing really available and accessible in our neighborhoods.”